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CyberVajra stands at the forefront of India's Information Security landscape, pioneering innovative solutions and setting the standard for excellence.

Cyber Consultancy

Navigating Cyber Challenges, Securing Digital Futures

Security Audit

Reveal Vulnerabilities, Strengthen Defenses

Training & Internship

Empowering Minds, Fortifying Networks

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Within cyberVajra's realm of cyber security consultancy, we amalgamate a diverse array of methodologies and expertise spanning multiple technical domains. Our forte lies in effecting positive change in cyber security landscapes. While traditional cyber security consultancy often adheres to industry control frameworks, international standards, and predefined program requisites, cyberVajra takes a personalized route. We craft bespoke strategies tailored to meet the distinct needs of each client, ensuring a truly customized approach
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Complete online security, on all of your devices

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity and cyber law. With backgrounds in working alongside state and central law enforcement agencies, we bring a deep understanding of both the technical and legal aspects of cybersecurity.
What we do

How we keep you protected

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Comprehensive testing to uncover weaknesses in systems and applications

Cyber Audits

Assessing cybersecurity posture to ensure compliance and identify gaps

Managed Security Services

Outsourced cybersecurity with continuous protection and support

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Real-time monitoring, detection, and response to security incidents

Infrastructure Control System Security Assessment

Evaluation and protection of critical infrastructure systems

Security, Assurance & Response

Comprehensive security measures and incident response planning

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